Friday, March 2, 2012

It's a Boy!

Because of the cost of getting a medical ultrasound done, we chose to go to Fetal Fotos to find out if this little one was a girl or a boy. Even Audrey is excited that she is having a brother (When we didn't know what Claire was, she had said she would be very sad if it was a boy, but now she has her sister, so a brother is just fine.). I can already tell he is going to be a sweet, cute guy.

The pregnancy is going really well. No complications or concerns. I am 26 weeks tomorrow and am feeling quite well and blessed. My one hope is to keep myself from gaining too much weight, which I always have before. So far I have only gained 8lbs, not too bad, but the second half is when it all packs on. If I could just stop craving chocolate. =)

I am worried about the circus that my home will become with four running around making messes, I can hardly keep up with it as it is, but life goes on, I'll just need to take it day by day.

Though it could change, we are thinking that this little man's name will be Benjamin David.

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