Thursday, July 30, 2009

Missing in Action

I have been busy, busy with family and doctors appointments and this and that and when I haven't been busy I have been tired. But I know I need to post about all the fun things we have been doing.

First of all my brother Byron and his family came to visit all the way from Georgia. They made lots of fun plans. It was nice to tag along and do all the fun "Utah" stuff we take for granted. We went to "This is the Place Monument", the Lehi Rec. center (lots for fun slides and water "toys"), the Provo Canyon, Park City and Cabelas. Audrey loved being with her cousin Kenzie who is only a year older than her. It was cute seeing them hold hands and get along so well.

Bridal Veil Falls

Nathan and Buddy loved the chairs and most of the time loved each other.

Shortly after they left we flew to Portland and drove to the northern most part of California where my sister Lynn lives in Crescent City. 5 of the 7 Shefchik kids were able to get together. It was awesome, we don't see each other very often. We live in 5 different states and soon James will be in a whole different country!

We loved hiking in the redwoods, playing in the river and just being together. Audrey said today that she misses her cousins and that she loves them so much.

Nathan sucking on rocks, silly boy!
Matt (Lynn's husband) and the kids found a snake, two salamanders and some crawfish.

We learned a lot about the redwood trees from a forest ranger.
Did you know that a redwood had to be 200 years old before it can
reproduce via seeds! and that a sapling can start growing
from a limb 100 or more feet in the air.
They are really incredible trees.
The whole crew! 12 of the 14 grandkids.
Katie and Quinn were missed, along with John and Zilpha.
My mom told us to line up in order of size, I said, "Height or width?"

Look how green it is! I want to retire near the redwoods. The weather was perfect for me. I'll have to buy Curtis some sweaters though.

Before all this we got to go boating at Willard Bay with the Gibbys.

Yet again, a roaring good time.

Can it be any busier? Well yes. In the past week we have had a total of 6 doctor visits, 3 for Nathan, he is fine, he just has tricky rectracting testicles which made the pediatrician call for an ultrasound which lead us to Primary Childrens where the doctor found everything completely normal. All that for nothing, well we know he is fine at least.

I had an eye appointment, no improvement yet, but it isn't any worse which is good and two appointments with an alternative health chiropractor. I really hope he can help me, I just wish it wasn't so expensive, but it is miles cheaper than the drugs out there that are prescribed for MS. I will be using all the profit I make from BuzzAboutBaby to pay for the treatments since Curtis feels we can't cover it with his income (and he's not very supportive of alternative health anyway). He is currently casually looking for a new job, just so we can have better health benefits and a little more pay.

I'm sure I left out several things, but I'm sure you are as busy as I am and don't need to read a novel. =)

Have an awesome day!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Audrey!

I can't believe I have a 4 year old!
Although she has been acting like a 4 year old for a while now.

Audrey is my love bug, my lu-lu-head.
I love being her mom. Everyday she amazes me with how smart she is.

She is thoughtful and considerate and an awesome big sister.

She is always so fun and her imagination is growing everyday.

This morning she woke us up before 8:00 and said,
"I am so excited that I am 4 and I can ride my bike!"

My mom and dad are on the way over to celebrate with us today.
We will have a little celebration in California with her cousins this week and
next week we get to celebrate with the Gibbys.