Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Weekend

This was the Gibby Camp Out weekend. I really enjoyed visiting with all of Curtis's extended family last year and looked forward to it this year, but decided it was best for me to stay home, so Curtis took the kids camping by himself.

I found out over two and a half weeks ago that I was expecting. We were very excited and even more excited when we learned that our baby would only be 5 weeks younger than Scott and Elise's baby. Two weeks ago, I started spotting and knew by Thursday night that I would most likely lose the baby this weekend and I did.

It was peaceful to be at home alone, but also boring and lonely. I spent some time with my mom and dad. It is so nice to have them close. Dad even came over and fixed our roof this weekend (which also included killing a huge wasp nest)!

I am not as traumatized by this miscarriage as I was my first. I am still sad, but I know everything will be ok. I know that having more time to get healthier is better for both baby and me. Maybe my kids don't like to share the spotlight. My last miscarriage would have only been 6 weeks younger than my niece Addie.

Curtis and the kids arrived home safely and had a great time camping, though all are quite tired from not enough sleep. Nathan losing his binky + train 40 feet away + campers up till 1:30= Not much sleep, poor souls. =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

In the Raw

As some of you may know, I am trying to eat mostly raw foods. I have read a lot about how this helps MS and many other health problems. It is the diet of Adam and Eve. It is a difficult transition, harder for Curtis than for me though. He doesn't have the motivation I have. He ate 6 donuts at work the other day, didn't even blink an eye or gain an ounce for that matter. He is really patient with me though. Sometimes I just don't have the energy to make two separate meals and he takes care of himself. He will usually take a bite of whatever I have made, say, "It's OK." and goes back to whatever he was eating. He is pretty brave considering his family background. His dad is a really picky eater because his mother would make 3 meals every night for dinner so everyone in his family would be happy.

I changed my diet a lot after marrying Curtis. It was a slow progression to mostly processed foods that he enjoyed. They were quick and easy and didn't take much thought. It took me gaining 70 lbs and being diagnosed with MS to wake up and realize what food can actually do to you. I heard a statistic once that said over 90% of disease is caused by lack of proper nutrition.

When we cook our food we not only kill the living enzymes that help our bodies to heal, but in most cases destroy the vitamins also. As a nation we are starved for nutrition. If you are what you eat, I want to be alive and well!

Where to start?
I have really enjoyed searching the internet for raw food groups, tips and recipes. There is so much out there! I enjoy these sites: An online community with tons of recipes She has videos on youtube too and an easy start program you can purchase (but I have not). She is actually living on a homestead in Texas trying to be completely self sufficient. I don't have the energy for that, but I enjoy her blogs.

I have also been sharing tips with my sister Becca, and visa vera. She has been eating similarly, but still eats a variety of whole grains.

I really want to help other people, but I always worry about others thinking that I am preaching or they think I am judging them or that I am just plain crazy. I just feel there is so much the general public doesn't understand, but how do I share without the fear of offending someone and having them turn their nose up at me or my food for that matter.

I think we can all benefit from getting a little more fresh food in our diets, I know I am extreme, but I feel I need to be. I think it is helpful to think of it this way: add fresh stuff and don't worry too much about not ever eating this or that. The more raw foods we add to our diets the healthier we will be. Just a thought.

Have a healthy, happy day!

Gibby Cabin

We had a great time at the Gibby's cabin last weekend.
Nathan got to take his first 4 wheeler ride and loved running around with his cousins,
except when he was glued to my hip.
I am glad Curtis was on this vacation to help out with my shy, clingy boy (he's only shy in unfamiliar, noisy places).

Shauna and John have been working really hard to expand the back patio, just about everyone chipped in. Matthew, my brother-in-law even tackled a rock that was rolling down the hill.
I told him it wasn't a pig. =)
I didn't know there were so many songs about rocks!
I think the family sang them all as they built the retaining wall.

Elise and Scott announced that they are expecting a baby, their first (thus the side bar addition).
I tried to introduce the family to some fresh veggies,
but I think they are afraid of the color green.
I got a lot more odd looks than yeses when I asked if anyone wanted to try whatever I was eating. Those that tried my raw chocolate coconut balls liked them.

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Want...

I was told by my wellness doctor to write down a list of things I want so they are not just wishes. I know that if I put it in a notebook s0mewhere I will never look at it again, so here it is...

  1. I want to be healthy and have enough energy to run after my kids, keep up with house work and projects and do things I enjoy.
  2. I want to not just slow down MS, but halt it, stop it, put it in remission, reverse it or even cure it!
  3. I want to be a healthy, attractive weight.
  4. I want to learn to prepare healthy meals that my family will enjoy.
  5. I want a healthy baby in 2010.
  6. I want enough money to meet our needs, plus pay for medical and vacations.
  7. I want to help other people.
  8. I want to make and keep good friends and do things with them.
  9. I want my kids to be healthy, happy and good.
I am sure I'll be adding to this list. My mom says "want" is my middle name. =)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It Came and Went...

Our sixth wedding anniversary came and went.
We both didn't even get a gift for each other, but we know we still love each other. =)

A week and a half later we went on a fun date to make up for it. We rented a canoe from CLAS Ropes Course in Provo and paddled down the river.
It was so nice to just be with each other in peace. We forgot our camera though.

I love you, Curtis. I am so glad we get to be together forever. =)