Monday, March 23, 2009

She is so smart...

Last night on our drive home from the in-laws, Audrey watched for the IKEA sign as usual. She loves to "read" it. This time she said, "Hey! If you out a P in IKEA it would say IPEA! Isn't that funny!" We laughed with her and said, "What would it be if you put a B in it?" Without thinking very long at all she responded, "IBEA!" We continued this game for quite some time. It was fun.

This afternoon I told Audrey I was going upstairs to work on a project and asked if she would be OK downstairs by herself. She said, "Yes, but I need you to be quiet because Nathan is sleeping." Thanks Audrey, already a mom to her mom. =)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have decided that I just want to give a gift to the first 5 comments on the last post, not requiring you to post the same on your blog. I know some of you don't have blogs and some of you don't have time to make things for other people. I am excited to make these gifts. I really hope I can make something that you will love and enjoy. =)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Game of Life...or Pay It Forward

I saw this done on a couple of blogs and thought it looked fun.

I will make a handmade gift of my choice for the first 5 people who post a comment on this post and in return you post this on your blog and make gifts for the first 5 people who comment on your post.

Good luck! Have fun!

Nathan the Helper, Audrey the Super Hero...

Nathan has gotten really good at putting things "away". I have found a toy car in the extra silverware drawer, a dirty diaper in the cupboard (Curtis told him to go throw it in the garbage), markers in random boxes, but we still haven't found our remote. We think he might have thought the garbage was a good place for it.

This morning Audrey started talking about her super powers! She has a super power that keeps her warm, one that keeps other things from getting dirty, another that makes her really fast. I just asked her what super powers she has and she said that they are secrets, so I guess we'll just have to wait until she uses them to know what all of them are. She even has a super dance!

They are both adjusting well to the new house. Nathan loves the toy room and runs in there first thing in the morning. There are 10 other sunbeams in Audrey's primary class and she is already making friends.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pictures of the New House

The front of "the big blue house."
I want to get a porch swing someday for the far side. I think I will paint it white.

The fish pond. It has two fountains flowing into it.
I will put a small picket fence up around it to keep the kiddos out.

The view of the large window in the foyer (from the second floor).
I need ideas of what to put here. I have thought of large floor candle stands or a large topiary.
What do you think should go here?

View from the foyer (or front door) up to the second floor.

The kitchen and family room, nice and open, with french doors out to the deck.

The view of the park from our backyard.

View of the woods behind our house.

Just a cute pic of Nathan and Shauna (my mother-in-law).
You can kind of see the built-in benches around the deck.

The chicken coop.
I don't think we are going to run out and get chickens, but maybe someday.
As you can tell, there is some raking and garbage clean up that will need to be done.

Crawlspace: about 5 feet deep and 4 times this size (lots of storage!),
but only for what will fit through the 2'x3' trap door in the coat closet floor.

We are so excited. Everyone will be invited to our House Warming Party!

Monday, March 2, 2009

So Far...So Good!

Well, we are kind of homeless right now, but we are very grateful to my parent for allowing us to stay with them this week. My mom told us about when she was moving with a 1 year old after about 5 years of marriage. They were in a tent! I can't imagine living in a tent with a 1 year old.

The move went pretty smoothly. Several men from the ward came and loaded all they could into the 26' truck, all before 10:30. Curtis then brought the truck down to Lehi with a couple of friends and unloaded about half of it into my parent's huge garage. Then came and filled it again with the last of our stuff. I didn't realize how much stuff we really have!

As I was packing the very last of our stuff and ready to lock the doors behind me, our neighbor Kristi Morris came over to say good-bye. She has been the best neighbor anyone could ever ask for. I suddenly realized how much I would miss their family and all of our friends in West Valley and began to cry. As I drove away from "our" house for the very last time, I cried even harder. I really didn't expect that. I was a little worried that I wouldn't end up so lucky with neighbors this time around.

We went to the new ward yesterday and everyone was so welcoming! We walked in and 30 seconds later the first counselor in the bishopric was introducing himself and set up a time to meet with the bishop after sacrament. When I told the Relief Society which house we are moving into they all gasped and said how much they love that house, that it's eveyone's dream house.
I am sorry I still don't have pictures, they will come.

The plan is to close on our old house tomorrow and hopefully close on our new house Wednesday so that we can move in on Thursday and we can bring the truck back. We know we aren't even half way through the move yet, we still have to clean and touch up paint and unload and then get settled, but I am looking forward to it all. It is nice that I have friends down here already and know where everything is, it is kind of like moving back home.