Sunday, May 31, 2009

For me...

I think it has been years since I have made something just for myself. I can remember the first quilt I made when I was 13, but other than that I think everything I have sewn has been for someone else. Well, I had more fun with my gathering foot yesterday. I cut off an old pair of jeans and made myself a skirt, perfect for summer. If you look closely, I also made the headband that matches. =)

I also made a ruffle butt onesie for our friends Brad and Debbie's baby. We went back to our old ward for her blessing today. It was fun to see a lot of our old friends and drive by our old house. The new owners seem to like garden statues and fake flowers. They were having a big party in the back yard and apparently do that pretty often. I'm glad they are enjoying the house and yard.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Spin, Spin!!!

I got a new toy last week and I was so excited to use it. It is a ruffle foot for my sewing machine. I added a ruffle to an apron and decided yesterday to make a skirt that "pinkles" out really big for Audrey. I used scraps from past projects and sewed 400 inches of fabric around and around. I had fun. (Amber: You will recognize one of the purples from your quilt. Can you believe I still have scraps from that long ago?) I hope I don't bore you all with my craft projects recently. I really like having a room just for crafting. I can do a touch here and there and leave things out, come back to them later. It's great!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Five Little Ducks

This morning I was reading and singing "Five Little Ducks" to Audrey and Nathan. Then Audrey got an idea. "Mom, can we put ducks in our pond?" So I told her the story about when I was young and had ducks and how they pooped so much. Then she had an even better idea, "Daddy can make robot ducks 'cause they don't poop!"

I spent a couple hours cleaning out our pond on Saturday. It was really gross. There were families of worms living in the sludge. We took several trips to the back fence dumping all the gook and slime. Now I need to buy some pool paint to repaint everything that peeled off, then we'll be ready to learn about all the chemical needed to keep fish alive and algae dead. I also need to build a short picket fence and gate across that side of the yard to keep the kids out. Audrey is very excited to have a fish pond, but I don't think it will be a duck pond unless Curtis want to learn how to make waterproof, floating robots. =)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I wanted to share this little video Curtis made for me for my birthday. He is so sweet and thoughtful. He really is my best friend.

I wish I knew how to post it here.

I finished the second craft give-away today, for my sister-in-law Amber...actually I don't think she will be the one using it. ;)

I really wanted to make the crown purple, but after going to 3 stores and all were out of purple felt, I went for pink. I think it shows up better in person.

I've heard Kenzie is already a pretty good helper when she's in the mood.
I hope this will help her be in the mood more often. =)


I thought I was posting that last post on my Buzz About Baby website. I think I am loosing my mind, but at least you all know I have a new product now. =)
Sigh, that is disconcerting. I am only 28, I shouldn't be loosing my mind like this yet! Have a great day everyone!

Adjustable Nursing Straps

I am excited about this new product I am making. It is so versatile and affordable.
I still love my nursing covers, but sometimes it's nice to just have something small stowed in your purse when you are on the go.
Use it for:
Keeping your blanket on while nursing!
Attach it to a towel or napkin for an anytime bib!
Hang it from the handle of the car seat with your child's favorite toy!

Secures with suspender clips and adjusts to any size!

$5.00 each

Pink and Brown Stripes

Blue and Brown Stripes