Thursday, December 23, 2010

Elf Yourself

Christmas Fun

These are just a few pics of the fun we are having this Christmas. We are all so excited to open gifts and be with family this year. We have been having so much fun and staying busy with the cousins that are in town.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who's the Boss?

She is!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


After I went to bed last night I realized I saw numbness and tingling and itchy skin as a side effect of Plavix. Maybe that is what explains the sensations I explained last night. I guess we'll see if they go away in a couple of weeks.

So here's a list of all the possible side effects. Sometimes it seems like the side effects are worse than the symptoms you're treating, but I'd rather have a little bit of tingling and tiredness than a blood clot.

Common side effects of Plavix Oral:

Acute Infection of the Nose, Throat or SinusSevere
Chest PainSevere
Large Purple or Brown Skin BlotchesSevere
IndigestionLess Severe
Joint PainLess Severe
BackacheLess Severe
DizzyLess Severe
Flu-Like SymptomsLess Severe
Head PainLess Severe
Stomach CrampsLess Severe

Infrequent side effects of Plavix Oral:

High Blood PressureSevere
Atrial FibrillationSevere
Bleeding of the Stomach or IntestinesSevere
Urinary Tract InfectionSevere
Feeling FaintSevere
Visible Water RetentionSevere
Heart Throbbing or PoundingSevere
Trouble BreathingSevere
DepressionLess Severe
Inflammation of the NoseLess Severe
Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel MovementsLess Severe
EczemaLess Severe
ItchingLess Severe
Skin UlcerLess Severe
Leg CrampsLess Severe
Chronic Trouble SleepingLess Severe
Low EnergyLess Severe
NumbnessLess Severe
RashLess Severe
CoughLess Severe
Feel Like Throwing UpLess Severe
Throwing UpLess Severe
DiarrheaLess Severe
Numbness and TinglingLess Severe
Feeling WeakLess Severe
AnxiousLess Severe

Rare side effects of Plavix Oral:

Retinal HemorrhageSevere
Hemorrhage from the Conjunctiva of the EyeSevere
Eye HemorrhageSevere
Hemorrhage Within the SkullSevere
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic PurpuraSevere
Abnormally Low Blood PressureSevere
Interstitial PneumonitisSevere
Painful, Red or Swollen MouthSevere
Stomach UlcerSevere
Ulcer of the DuodenumSevere
Ulcer from Stomach AcidSevere
Inflammation of the Large IntestineSevere
Acute Liver FailureSevere
Acute Inflammation of the PancreasSevere
Kidney DiseaseSevere
Abnormally Long or Heavy PeriodsSevere
Inflammation of the Skin with BlistersSevere
Erythema MultiformeSevere
Toxic Epidermal NecrolysisSevere
Stevens-Johnson SyndromeSevere
Abnormal Liver Function TestsSevere
Life Threatening Allergic ReactionSevere
Giant HivesSevere
Allergic Reaction caused by a DrugSevere
Allergic Reaction causing Serum SicknessSevere
Acquired Decrease of All Cells in the BloodSevere
Low Blood Counts due to Bone Marrow FailureSevere
Decreased Blood PlateletsSevere
Deficiency of Granulocytes a Type of White Blood CellSevere
Decreased White Blood CellsSevere
Decreased Neutrophils a Type of White Blood CellSevere
Skin Disease Characterized by Swollen Itching LesionsLess Severe
Muscle PainLess Severe
FeverLess Severe
Taste ProblemsLess Severe
Collection of Clotted Blood in an Organ, Space or TissueLess Severe

Merry Christmas!

Curtis made a game for our Christmas letter this year. This has been an awesome year and this quick game goes over some of the highlights. Go to to play.

You can even make one of your own for free! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 Weeks, 2 Days

I hope you all aren't getting too tired of these little updates, but I just keep feeling a little bit more normal everyday and I want to share.
The past four days I have not been achy! My shoulders are still tight, but I am not hurting. This is such a relief! Yesterday I had the young women over at my house for the weekly activity, so I had to clean my house. I swept and mopped the floor, I did the dishes, cleaned up the family room and even crafted quite a bit. Normally after doing just one or two of those things, along with the busyness of having 8 twelve-year-olds over, I would have been completely useless and exhausted, but I wasn't! Sure I was tired, though not exhausted and my body didn't ache and I still made dinner, cleared the table and was able to put the kids to bed without being grouchy and then Curtis and I watched a movie.
My bad days are as good or better than my good days were and my good days are a little more what I would consider normal each day. Still no more headaches, but my ears have felt some pressure behind them (cold related I hope?).
One thing that does concern me a little is I feel a little tickling on my foot, my hand, or on my scalp (one area at a time, not all at once) a couple times the past couple of days. I don't normally have this sensation, so it leaves me scratching my head a little, no pun intended. (hee, hee)

Friday, December 3, 2010

11 Days Post Procedure

Since my Liberation Procedure I have been feeling pretty good. I am not a new person, but I do feel a difference. My optic neuritis pain, that has bothered me the last three months, is almost completely gone. My almost everyday headaches do not happen anymore, I had one on Thanksgiving, but so did Curtis, and I had one on Monday, but I'm pretty sure it was sinus related since a had a small cold with stuffiness and a slight sore throat. It is so much easier to be pleasant to my kids when my head is not throbbing. I feel I am also thinking clearer.

I am not bounding with energy, though I had hoped I would be. I did read that one of the main side-effects of Plavix is excessive tiredness, so I do have hope of feeling better when I am done with it in a couple weeks. Time will help and if I could get Claire to sleep through the night it would help too.

I had my yearly MRI on Wednesday. My neuro called and said I have no new lesions and all of my old ones are smaller. That was great news. It would be so exciting if this procedure help prevent anymore, ever! =) My sister Alaura is scheduled to get a venogram/possible angioplasty on December 22nd. I am so excited for her. Though she has CCSVI, she does not have MS and this will hopefully make it so she NEVER does.

No You Get Out!!!

This is what happens when you have two kids but only one bucket.
I ended up having to hide the bucket to get them to stop.

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