Monday, February 23, 2009

On the Move...

So the day approaches...
We are packing here and there and trying to prepare the best we can for this coming Saturday: Moving Day!

I don't think I've given the final update on our housing situation. We chose what Audrey calls the big blue house. It is just west of the freeway in American Fork. You drive past fields and horses to get there, so it feels a little bit out in the country with the convenience of still being pretty close to everything.

The house has 5 bedrooms (one will be dedicated just to my crafting!), three bathrooms, a front living room and a large great room. The backyard is fully fenced with a nice deck with built in benches and a little "fish pond" with two fountains flowing into it, which I will need to somehow make child safe. Behind our house is just woods (with several fruit trees) and a little wetland stream and to the side is a nice big park with a playground. The garage is extra deep and I look forward to keeping my bike and trailer together so I can go for a ride anytime I want.

We are really excited. We close on our current house on March 3rd and should close on this new house March 4th. All our stuff will stay in the truck for most of a week until we can move in. We are lucky to have mom here in Lehi so we can mooch off her. =)

We have the inspection today and I will try to take some pictures and share them.

Draper Temple

On Thursday, the family and I were able to see the new Draper Temple. Audrey had been looking forward to it all week and told everyone we met that day that she was going to the temple and "I am a kid!" She understood that this was special because usually only adults can go into the temple.

I was impressed with how organized it was. We met at a meeting house and watched a short video (which I only heard a couple of sentences of because Nathan wanted to get down and go). Then we took a "blue" bus up to the temple. It was dark, so the temple was lit up beautifully, but we got the feeling that we weren't too far from a cliff as we winded our way up.

Inside the temple was beautiful, but very tan. I didn't expect it to be so tan. At one point at the start of the tour Audrey got a little giddy and giggled as she said, "I think I'm going to see Jesus!" I told her that we probably won't see Jesus, but she was right, this is the Lord's house.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Facebook Tag

For those of you who are not on Facebook, this is a "tag" that has been going around. I thought it was fun and decided to post it here in my blog too. Enjoy! =)

1. When I was 20, I threw up for the first time (that I could remember) and had my first kiss, both a couple weeks apart. My thought after each experience was exactly the same, "Hmmm... that was interesting." (It was the guy's fault: three word for you, "Triple GAG!" (inside joke). =)

2. I have given birth with an epidural and completely natural. I prefer natural.

3. I gutted fish in Alaska for a summer. Talk about a job that stinks! =) I worked 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, but really did have a good time.

4. I once had to bring a date to Temple Square for a Young Women's Activity. I asked 8 guys in one day, all said no. I brought my sister.

5. My hidden talent is blowing up balloons. I can blow up any size or shape with ease. I once filled a boy's room up with 500 balloons to ask him to a dance.

6. I am the fix-it person in our home. I even laid tile when Nathan was only 6 weeks old.

7. I enjoy creating, whether it's sewing, gardening, remodeling or having babies. I guess I like being busy. I want to try my hand at furniture-making now that I got a saw for Christmas.

8. I backpacked around Europe for 6 weeks with a good friend, 5 shirts and 2 pairs of pants. I hope to continue traveling the world when my kids are older.

9. At the first ward "Meet and Greet" the year I met Curtis, I had a little check list in my head of "potentials." When I met him and his roommates I thought in my head, "Nope... nope... nope... nope." to each one. It was not love at first sight, but now he is my best friend and I couldn't live without him.

10. I have always wanted to sing well. I took lessons for a couple years, but now I know I really am not very good, but I still have dreams that I make it through to Hollywood on American Idol. Once I even came in 2nd in a dream!

11. I went 8 years without having chocolate, now I'm lucky if I go 8 hours. =)

12. I am a bargain hunter. If there is something I want and it is too expensive I can usually figure out how to get it a whole lot cheaper. It even becomes an obsession if I really want it.

13. I never had a crush on more than 1 person at a time. (Oh, and none of my crushes are married yet. Maybe it wasn't me!) ;)

14. I do not like dogs. I told Curtis when we first started dating that my husband would have to choose between me or a dog. He chose me.

15. According to my doctor I can "push like a beaver." At least that's what he said after Audrey was born.

16. I know I want at least 4 kids, so I can still drive a Mazda 5 or another smaller 6 passenger vehicle. If I have a 5th I would have to drive a big minivan! Silly reason to not want 5 kids, I know.

17. I beat every boy I arm wrestled in High School and though you probably don't need to ask, I can beat Curtis no problem, too.

18. I paid for college and room and board basically all on my own, no scholarships. My mom gave me $500 per semester and I worked 2 jobs to pay for everything else. I had one small student loan allowing me to study abroad in London, but paid it off with my first paycheck when I graduated.

19. My downfall is cookies, soft home-baked cookies. Need I say more? That makes me want to go make some right now.

20. I don't have many secrets. If you ask, I tell.

21. I used Curtis as a project for a college class. I had to change a behavior without the other person knowing about it. I planned to help him dress better. I had graphs and charts about holes in his socks and how big his clothes were. (He was wearing XXL shirts! He is a S or M!) There were times I was embarrassed to be with him and his stone washed, tapered jeans. He does a lot better now, after I went through his closet and threw out half of his wardrobe.

22. In high school I did Marching band (baritone), Jazz band (trombone), Wind Symphony (bassoon), choir, Track and Field (shot put, I can't run to save my life), swim team and drama.

23. I still claim to be a Yooper, but when asked where I'm from I usually say American Fork. "Say ya to da U.P., eh!"

24. I am always calling Audrey by a different "nickname" like Audrey-loo-who, Sugar Doodle, Love Bug, Honey Bunny, Loogy, Loo-Loo, and Sugar Booger. I don't know why, something different just always comes out, but she responds to it and usually does what I ask.

25. This past year I have started blogging, reading blogs and using Facebook. I really enjoy it. I feel less isolated and it helps me keep up with old and new friends.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Counter Offer...

For those of you who want an update, we got a counter offer for $20,000 more than we want to pay for a home, they were only willing to budge by $5,000, but that's ok, we understand. Today we went and reserved a spot with Salisbury Homes. We have 14 days to change our minds. They are located about 500 W. and 1900 S. in Lehi, maybe a 5 minute drive to the freeway and shopping and another 10 to Curtis's work. I even knocked on a complete stranger's door and asked about the neighborhood. There are lots of young families like ours and they do a lot of girl's nights out and the church is right there. Mom is still concerned about us spending more money than we plan, so we are going to be reading everything carefully and taking all options into consideration.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Goings On..."

I decided I should document the recent happenings around here and since the laundry is folded and Sesame Street is still on I have a minute to do so.

We got an offer on our house last week. It was a lot lower than we wanted to sell for, but countered with something we thought both Curtis and I and the buyers could live with. At first we felt a little unsure, "Did we really want to sell our house for so little? Are we giving it away? This house is our house!" But now we both feel lucky that we got an offer and can move forward with our plans.

We started house hunting this week and have found some prospects, but I feel a little discouraged at times. We are trying to find an "upgrade" house, bigger and better, for the same amount of money. Not too easy, but I'm sure we'll do it.

We did make an offer on a house last night, but neither of us have much hope for the counter offer. We offered $25,000 less than the asking price and it was already a good price. We'll see what happens tonight. Another house we liked went under contract the day after we saw it and 4 or 5 houses we wanted to see went to foreclosure before we could even see them!

Another option we found is to build a new home with Salisbury Homes in Lehi. We would spend less than $200,000 on a 4 bedroom home with all the upgrades we want and the floor plan we have been looking for. Any opinions on building?

The searching and finishing up little house projects has kept us pretty busy, but it is a fun busy. Wish us luck!