Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tutu Fun!

I made a tutu for Audrey a couple weeks ago. It was so fun and easy. I wanted to show it off.

This is what you get when your big sister won't let mom take a picture of her in her tutu...

Don't worry, I won't let him make a habit of trying on Audrey's clothes.

I also had the idea to get together with some friends and make tutus for their daughters. We could all sit around and talk and loop tulle. Let me know if any of you want to come to this little party, I plan on having it in early December. A tutu would make a great Christmas present!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Date to Remember...

Yesterday I had the idea to go to Provo and relive our first date, this time with kids. We are in Lehi staying at my mom's house right now, so we stopped to see where Curtis works on the way. We went to Doc's Pizza Buffet. This time we did not have a coupon. Yes, Curtis used a buy one get one free coupon on our first date! Then we went to the dollar theater and watched Wall-E, a more appropriate show for kids than Borne Identity, which we saw on our first date. So even though we spent more money this time and had two kids along with us, we had a wonderful time.
On our way we were reminiscing about dating and we couldn't come up with another occasion where Curtis planned and executed a date. So that was the one and only date we have been on that wasn't suggested by me. I bossy or does Curtis just not have any ideas? I guess as long as we're spending time together, that's all that matters.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Cute Kids

These are pictures from July that I never posted. I found them while cleaning up. My heart flutters with joy when I see their beautiful faces. I love them so much.

Audrey age 3

Nathan 6 months

So sweet!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baffling Conversations with a Three Year Old...

As we were driving home from Ogden the other night Audrey's brain was going none stop. She sang "Hot-cross buns, hot-cross buns, one a penny, two a penny, three a penny, four a penny, five a penny, six a penny, hot-crossed buns." It went on for what seemed like forever. Then she said, "I wish cars could stand up."
Me: "Stand up?"
Audrey: "Ya, on their trunks. Then they could do the hoola-hoop game."
Me: "What's the hoola-hoop game?"
Audrey: "Where you put a big loop on and make it go round and round. That would be fun."
Me: "I'm not very good at that but daddy is."
Audrey: "When I get big I will be good at it."
We then stopped at a light for awhile and she thoughtfully said, "I wish I had glue on my back."
Me: "Glue on your back? Why would you want glue on your back?"
Audrey: "So I could be up high on the traffic light branch."
Me: "Why do you want to be up there? Wouldn't it be boring?"
Audrey: "No, it would be fun. I could watch the cars go by."
Me: "How would you eat?"
Audrey: "You would just climb, climb, climb and give me the food."
Me: "Would you change your clothes?"
Audrey: "No. I would where these clothes forever."
There as a break in conversation and out of nowhere she said, "When it's my birthday you can just let go of the balloons and I'd catch them, but I wouldn't have any cake or ice cream."
What thoughts!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Fun!

This Sunday Nathan figured out, "So Big!" We ask, "How big is Nathan?" and he lifts his hands over his head. It is so cute. He can also lift a blanket over his face and play peek-a-boo. He started to bounce dance to music, which makes us laugh. I can't believe how quickly he is growing.
We also had a chocolate fountain feast with Grandma and Grandpa Gibby. Audrey loved the chocolate so much. You can tell by these pictures:

Andrew and Audrey

"Licking the spatula! What a good idea! I'll do it too!"

We also have a new niece! Curti's sister Becca had a girl early this morning. We are so excited for them. We plan on visiting them tonight. Pictures to come.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look What I Did Today...

I was ready for a little break from making headbands and nursing covers so I made these today. What do you think?

This is embarrassing...

I'm not sure why I am admitting to this, but I have had a dirty little secret for a microwave. I can't remember the last time I cleaned it. I kept putting it off and always hoped guests wouldn't need to use it.

So here is the big reveal!


I fully admit it...DISGUSTING!


No I did not get a new microwave...I got a hand steamer. With all this cleaning and getting the house ready I asked Curtis if I could get one. I knew it would help get the little grimy places that are hard to reach, like the window tracks and I knew it would make cleaning a little more exciting to have a new fun tool to do it with. So after I cleaned the microwave I went on to clean the fridge (not as gross to start out with, I promise), the oven, cabinets, the walls and anything else I could reach from that same plug.
The down side is that it is kind of noisy and Audrey spent the whole time yelling at me to stop so she could hear her show. (The only way I can get a task done is to distract her with TV. She's been watching a little too much recently.) If anyone wants to try out my new toy they are welcome to clean any part of my house they please!