Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Projects and More Projects

So I realized this week why I love projects so much, whether it is a craft, decorating, reorganizing or yard work, I really enjoy them and this is why: I can actually get the satisfaction of finishing it and IT STAYS DONE! Unlike the dishes, laundry and tidying up.

Here are a few projects that I have finished recently, while letting the housework slide just a little.

I used my new Photoshop Elements to design the
"Love is Spoken Here" wall hanging and had it printed at Costco for $3.oo.
I also spray painted the bench white.
It was an unfinished wood bench that was starting to show some wear and tear.
I also sewed the pillows to dress it up.
I think our entry looks a lot nicer now, though someday I want to rip the carpet off the stairs and install white trim on the visible side, but I will wait until the carpet wears out.

I finally finished the chicken pen. The chickens were so happy wandering around the yard that I didn't have the heart to lock them in it though. But Sunday morning I looked out and saw a sad sight. One chicken was dead and one was missing. We don't know what came in our backyard to attack the chickens, but they are now kept locked up, unless we are out with them.

I also weeded, installed plastic trim and planted several flowers and eight laurel bushes in front of our house, along with "weed and feed"-ing our yard.
I think they look really nice, I just hope I can keep them alive. I also replaced all the sprinkler heads so maybe they will actually get water this year, unlike the hydrangea bushes last year.

And here is my latest belly picture, 23 weeks. I have my 25 week appointment tomorrow.
I hope I haven't gained too much weight. I feel like I've been eating uncontrollably.