Saturday, April 30, 2011

Claire at 7 Months

I just want to show off how cute my Claire Bear is.

She has started playing peek-a-boo on her own and she is very close to crawling. He favorite place to scoot is under the table. I have to sweep a lot more to keep the floor from becoming a snack bar for her.

She LOVES the piano.

I am a little sad about the fact that she is pretty much weaned. I had planned on nursing her for a long time, but because of the procedures and MRIs I had done, she got so used to the bottle and didn't want to work for her food anymore, so she got skinnier and skinnier and I started supplementing her more and more. She seems to be gaining weight really well now, though I haven't weighed her in a while.

I make my own goat milk formula because she doesn't like the store bought stuff and it is easier to digest. She is definitely my most tummy sensitive baby. My mom fed her avocado the other day and she loved it, but promptly threw it all up, whether she ate too much, had a little bug or it just didn't agree with her, I'm not sure. We'll keep trying.

I was looking forward to making her a couple more cute dress, but then I got out her 6-9 month clothes and counted 32 dresses, along with drawers packed full of pants, shirts and jammies. Gotta love hand-me-downs.

Audrey's New Desk

I wanted to try my hand at refinishing furniture again and there was a perfect place for a desk in Audrey's room. I found an ugly little desk for $10 at DI and spent another $10 on paint, contact paper and stickers.



We even organized all the coloring supplies. She loves it and has spent lots of time sitting, writing and painting. Oh and I found a pink swivel chair in the As Is section at Ikea for only $10.
She is one happy girl.


This year I asked the kids if they wanted candy and silly little toys in their Easter baskets or if they wanted one really nice toy. A little to my surprise and yet relief, they both wanted one nice toy. It made Easter a lot easier and they are both so happy with what they chose.

Nathan got a big Buzz Lightyear. "Like my friend Jacob!", he says.
And Audrey got a Lady Bug pillow pet.

Claire loves both. You can't beat a nice snuggly pillow and a new make out buddy.

The kids helped me paint and decorate these 2x4s. (My first Easter decorations!)

We also got to do 3 different Easter egg hunts, one with the Shefchik cousins, one with the Gibby cousins and one with all the neighborhood kids at the park next door. I planned the neighborhood one and it went really well. We plan on doing it again next year.

Alaura's Wedding

My baby sister got married a couple weeks ago. Anther testament to how old I'm getting. ( I can't believe I'll be 30 in one week!)
She married her high school sweetheart 4 or 5 yeas after they started dating. Parker is a great guy, I know they will be very happy. She will never be bored and will spend most of her time smiling or laughing because he always has something fun to say.

Parker went from have no nieces and nephews to having 15 and a half!

The great thing about having a wedding at the Draper Temple is the huge sealing room, the bad thing is the wind! The gusts shoot right through the canyon making every day a blustery day up on the hill. The temple workers said Alaura's wedding day was the first day they had not had crazy winds, but it was still too windy and cold for my children's liking.

They whole day went really smoothly, just a little long for little ones, but that's to be expected.
Good thing snuggly Aunt Becca was there.

I wish you all the happiness in this world Alaura and Parker!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Cookies

This is the recipe for the Easter Cookies we made last night. The kids had a good time measuring, listening to the scriptures and finding the hollow cookies in the morning. They end up kind of like divinity. (Click on the image to make it bigger.)