Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cutie Patutie!

I was actually able to create something during one of Claire's naps yesterday. I think it is so darling I had to share. The outfit is almost as cute as she is!

I found this plain pink diaper cover on clearance for $1.50 and added 2 inch ruffles (I burned the edges of a synthetic fabric).

I added the same ruffle to the neckline of a onesie and then made matching roses for accents.

She won't keep the headband on though.

Total cost: About $3.00

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Ya, June!

Now that I looked at the pictures, I remember what happened in June.

I was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, surrounded by beautiful forests. People seemed to treasure and treat them well up there, so when I moved into this house I didn't even look in the woods behind my house. I just supposed they would be a safe place for my kids to play when they got older. Much to my dismay, they had been used for dumping. Then when people kept adding to it I had to do something! I set up a day for a neighborhood park clean up and put flyers on everyone's door. I chose a bad day and not many people were able to come, but know I hope they know that dumping on city property is not ok! I couldn't have done anything with out my dad. He came and worked just as hard as Curtis and I all morning.

We hauled out three trailers full of green waste (thing people had dumped, even a whole tree! and their Christmas tree!) and one full of random big junk. We only made a dent in what is there, but we got the stuff right along the main trail that I could see from my kitchen window everyday.

My mother-in-law made me a "Fruit Cake" for my birthday and I loved it so much, I made one for my Dad's Birthday. Everyone loved it!

Curtis got his eyes lasered and has really enjoyed not dealing with contacts or glasses.

I made him a gift for Father's day. He keeps the frame at work to remind him of how much his kids love him.

The days it wasn't raining we were trying to remember to get outside and play. It has been an odd summer.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy July

I'm not sure what happened to June, but we are having a busy July!

I won free tickets to the American Idol concert. It was a lot of fun to see them in real life, but this concert was not as fantastic as the U2 concert (though I probably don't even have to say that).

We went to the Gibby cabin with all of Curtis's siblings and had a great time just hanging out, riding ATVs, swimming and Curtis even got to golf!

We had a little scare when the ATV Audrey was sharing decided to try to go down a cliff. Luckily the driver was smart enough to aim for a tree. Everyone was scared but no one was hurt. We think Audrey squeezed the accelerator when we got a little nervous and the machine took off. We always wear helmets!

Curtis and I took at trip to Moab to celebrate our 8th Anniversary.

We stayed in a little camping cabin and took a rafting trip down the river (we used a coupon for the rafting and for dinner, hee, hee, we're so cheap). It was nice having a break and we are so grateful to my mom for watching the kids.

I painted Audrey's room pink. I started it on a Saturday and it took several weeks to find the time to complete it and her room still isn't completely put back together. She loves it though!

We also went to an extended Gibby camp out in Croydon, UT. Curtis's cousins, the Wildes, live and ranch there. They help with the annual Widow Maker dirt bike race where crazy bikers race up one of the steepest slopes possible.

We got to see piglets and bummer lambs.

Then we went on a ATV ride up Wilde Mountain (yes, they own it). It was beautiful.

Audrey started off riding with me. I heard a girl crying and looked ahead at Emma C., she wasn't crying. I looked behind me at Emma W., she wasn't crying. I couldn't figure it out, so I kept riding. Then I realized it was Audrey. She was still traumatized by the last ATV incident. She did a lot better in the ranger with the other kids.

We rode for 3 hours (about 2 hours longer than I had planned). We were dirty and burned, but had a great time.

The kids played with cousins, ate snow cones, watched a movie projected onto a screen hung on a big truck and had their fill of sweets.

Happy Birthday Audrey!

Audrey turned 6 this year! Kids grow up so fast!

We got her a Razor scooter and she had her very first friend party.

She wanted a beach party in our backyard. Everyone that she invited came!
She had more presents to open than at Christmas!

They had a blast with the slip-n-slide, pool and trampoline. They also decorated flip flops.

She wanted a beach ball for her cake. It had rainbow swirls inside!

She got a free breakfast at Denny's with her dad and got a free pass to Boondocks thanks to a dad who is great at signing her up for free birthday treats. She loved the bumper boats!

I love you Audrey and am proud of the girl you are becoming. I love your sense of humor and how you are so helpful with Claire.