Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Gibby ABCs

I made an ABC book with family members and other fun things. I had it printed and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive. Here are a preview of some of the pages:

Luckily we have some names that start with the hard letters! =)

The quick album I used was called "In the Groove" from It made it a lot easier.

Happy Birthday Freebies

Curtis is the king of freebies and since both of our birthdays are in May, we have had our fill of freebies already this month!
Here is a list of some of our favorite birthday freebies:

Tucanos! Their birthday club gives you a free meal during the month of your birthday, which is a great deal since a meal usually costs over $20. All the tasty meat and fresh salad bar you can eat! They will send you a coupon in the mail, so sign up now, don't wait until your birthday month.

Denny's! Free Grans Slam on your birthday. You don't need a coupon, just go in and you'll sign saying it really is your b-day. (Only good on your birthday.)

Boondock's: They give you a free Unlimited Fun Pass and 20 tokens. You sign up your whole family and they will send an email with a coupon. (Only good on your birthday.)

Baskin Robbins: You get a free single scoop of ice cream. The emailed coupon is usable about a week around your birthday.

Red Robin: They will send you a coupon for a free burger and fries during your birthday month. The emailed coupon only allows you to view it twice so you need to be ready to print it. I loved that I could substitute the fries for a side salad and get a whole grain bun instead of white.

Cold Stone: They email you a buy one get one free coupon to be used during the week of your birthday, which is perfect for us because Curtis's work usually gives him a Cold Stone gift certificate for his birthday. We paid $0.05 for two Gotta Have It creations!

 I hope you all have a wonderful free time! =)

Claire's "18 Month" Photos

Technically, Claire is almost 20 months, but it took a little time to get a coupon in the mail and to actually bring her in to get the pictures taken. I think she is such a doll.  

Claire is talking a lot more now, most words are not pronounced properly but she gets her point across. She is very good at communicating. She has figured out how to do a somersault all by herself and loves to swing whenever she can. She loves to point at everyone and say their names, though she has not attempted to say Nathan, she just kind of grunts at him. She points to my tummy and says, "Baby!", then gives my tummy a kiss. She loves to sing and tackle her brother. I think she will be a very sweet big sister, but will have a hard time understanding why I can't give her my full attention once baby brother arrives.