Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I am a Hypocritical Food Nazi

Lately I have realized I am a hypocritical food Nazi. I don't mean to be. I have learned so much about food and how good and bad it can be, yet it has been so hard for me recently to live how I know I should.

Examples of my Nazi-isms:
I saw a woman choosing a variety of donuts at the grocer's bakery and thought to myself, "Who is she trying to kill?"

I notice what is in carts in front of me at the check out stand. Mostly they load up soda pop, potato chips, pop tarts, cookies and NO FRUITS or VEGGIES. Even the bread they select has high fructose corn syrup as the second ingredient. I wonder if they realize how much sugar, bad fats and chemicals they are pumping into their kids, who happily eat all this overly processed junk just because it tastes good.

I was asked to bring a variety of chips to a party a couple weeks ago. I was so embarrassed to have three bags of chips in my cart, worried that someone I knew would see me and think that I am a hypocrite.

Examples of my Hypocrisies:
My cart is never perfect. Something usually sneaks in: a bag of licorice, or some cheese crackers for the kids. I have also had a huge downfall for chocolate covered nuts of late. When they sneak into my cart, they usually sneak into my belly too. You would think that being pregnant I would have a greater desire to eat healthy, but I feel as though I have no self-control.

I am really trying. I avoid as many chemicals as I can: MSG, artificial sugars, sodium nitrate, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, even cooked oils, but my lack of control over sugar has got me beat. These vanilla alphabet cookies I bought for our trip to Disneyland have been addictive. My doctor explained that too many carbohydrates and not enough protein leads to big babies and small placentas, which means high blood pressure and weight gain. So I really should be avoiding sugar. Why does it have to taste so good?

Here is a video of Dr. Oz talking about sugar:


James said...

I'm a hypocrite too. Christ taught us to give without judging, to heal without blame, but every time I see a cart full of junk I really wish I didn't have to pay for their health insurance.

Julie Jardine said...

Good info. I wish I could stay away from sugar. I'm trying.
And why is it that when we are pegnant and should eat more healthy, we tend to use it as an excuse to eat less healthy? I'm guilty of that too. (Like choco covered of my favorite things too.)

Sheila said...

I know Curtis from church, we lived down the street from each other. I have tried to eat healthy like that and find myself going for 2 or 3 weeks without anything "bad" in my cart and think, "I'm so good". Then there's a week that we're out of everything so the cart is full of cereal and crackers and a snack for the kids. I too look at other people's carts and I too am a hypocrite. Have you heard of Saves lots of money and is great. Buy on Monday, pick up on Saturday. another one is $15 for a basket of fruits and veggies. Good deal!!

sgosney said...

Sarah, you are still doing great- look at all that you don't eat. You are an inspiration to me- I'm still trying to give up a lot of that stuff.