Monday, June 28, 2010

Gibby Campout 2010

We had a wonderful time camping with the extended Gibby family. We had a nice shady camp area in Mantua's Box Elder Campground. A stream ran through it and provided hours of messy fun for the many cousins. Audrey was in heaven, she always is when there are lots of kids to play with. I survived two nights on an air mattress while 29 weeks pregnant. I was a little stiff and my pelvis has been quite painful, but it was the perfect temperature and I loved catching up with the family.

I have been learning how to digital scrapbook. Here are a couple pages I made from the camp out.

And another tummy pic:
29 weeks


April said...

I just went camping at Box Elder campground- friday onto saturday...were you there???? How funny.

My air mattress went flat by 2 in the morning...

not fun- but the poppies were beautiful.

Julie Jardine said...

Yeah! Only a couple weeks left!!! I wonder who will go first?!!!