Monday, June 21, 2010

Cloth Diapers

It has been several months now since I have started using cloth diapers. I thought I would share a couple things about them.

Things I Like:
1) I feel like I am doing my part. I heard that diapers I used when I was a baby will still be in a landfill when Audrey's kids are around. Diapers fill up a pail at home so quick, imagine a whole city's worth of diapers just sitting there smelling bad for years and years to come. Eeew! Better to flush the poo and wash the diaper I say.

2) No more saggy butts! It has been a challenge to keep diapers on my kids, they just slip off their skinny little booties, unless I have a onesie on them AT ALL TIMES. These cloth diapers I have stay up on their own!

3) I am saving money! The diapers I am using right now will even snap down to a smaller size for the baby when he/she comes. I'm set. The initial cost was nothing when you think of me hardly ever buying diapers for the next 3 years, or more if we have another one. I spent $70 on 12 with double liners.

Things I Don't Like:
1) Well, I actually have to deal with a poopy diaper, rather than just chucking it, but the sprayer on my toilet helps a lot. Now if I could get Curtis to help. He won't even let me show him how, so that he won't have to do it.

2) There was a learning process. How to wash them, which brand I prefer. But I have conquered those hurdles and now it's pretty easy going.

Some Tips:
1) I use disposable diapers on Sundays or if we will be out all day long, like the wedding on Saturday, then I don't have to haul around a stinky diaper all day.

2) Dads have an easier time with velcro, than with snaps.

3) Pocket diapers allow you to get a deeper clean, because all the layers separate.

4) I stuff my diapers as I fold the laundry, they are always ready to grab and put on.

5) One size fits all saves money so you don't have to buy different sizes as they grow.

6) I wash them in Ecos (dye free, fragrance free, fabric softener free), oxi-clean and water softener powder. Always remember to fold down the velcro straps or they will be stuck to everything. I also only wash them with other diapers and kitchen rags.

Nathan loves picking the color he will wear or just saying the color as I put it on him.

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Julie Jardine said...

Those certainly aren't the "traditional clothe diapers!" They actually look like a really good solution. I didn't realize there were all these modern solutions until I saw one advertised in a Mom magazine at my O.B.'s. So good for you! Plus i like how you use the throw-away kind for some occasions, but the other for home, and stuff. It all makes plenty of sense. Maybe we should all think about it more seriously.