Monday, August 17, 2009

I Want...

I was told by my wellness doctor to write down a list of things I want so they are not just wishes. I know that if I put it in a notebook s0mewhere I will never look at it again, so here it is...

  1. I want to be healthy and have enough energy to run after my kids, keep up with house work and projects and do things I enjoy.
  2. I want to not just slow down MS, but halt it, stop it, put it in remission, reverse it or even cure it!
  3. I want to be a healthy, attractive weight.
  4. I want to learn to prepare healthy meals that my family will enjoy.
  5. I want a healthy baby in 2010.
  6. I want enough money to meet our needs, plus pay for medical and vacations.
  7. I want to help other people.
  8. I want to make and keep good friends and do things with them.
  9. I want my kids to be healthy, happy and good.
I am sure I'll be adding to this list. My mom says "want" is my middle name. =)


amberandbyron said...

I would say that all these are great wants....all within reason and not selfish desires...all well deserved

Tracie said...

I always love your posts. These are awesome! I know you are doing a great raw diet, but I bought the Biggest Looser Family cookbook, and LOVE it! All the recipes are for like 4 - 6 people, and very healthy! I love the Baked Ziti, and the Beef and broccoli so far, trying a couple new things this week!