Monday, May 12, 2008

Audrey can READ!

Last night Audrey put her jammies on and said "Dora! What else is with Dora?" Her jammies were not Dora jammies, they were basic Carter jammies that said adorable. She recognized the name Dora in the middle of the word. I am amazed at how bright she is. 32 months old and reading, wow.


Shell said...

I'm not suprised. Curtis could read all sorts of things when he was about that age. I guess he gave that ability to Audrey.

Anonymous said...

I was reading your post and went "wait a minute" this doesn't add up. Audrey is VERY smart, but she is 32 months old not 22.

Sarah Gibby said...

Updated to reflect corrected information from Shauna. 32 months.