Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nine Years Ago...

Nine years ago today, Curtis took me on our first date. We had already held hands and, yes, we had even kissed before he officially asked me out. We doubled with Curtis's good friend, John Ahern, and his fiance. Because of how comfortable Curtis and I were with each other, they were surprised to learn that it was our first date. We went to Doc's Pizza Buffet, because Curtis had a coupon there, and then to the dollar movies to see Bourne Identity. (Yes, I knew he was cheap when I married him.) =)

We decided to recreate our first date this year, so last Friday we hired a babysitter and headed down to Orem. We weren't too surprised to see the Doc's Pizza was out of business, Pizza Pie Cafe opened across the street, I think it was a hard competitor, so we went there instead, close enough. Then we saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which was actually a heart wrenching story.

It was weird being in Orem, seeing all the young, dating college students, over hearing their struggles with roommates and such. What a different world we live in now. I'm so glad I dated Curtis and fell in love with him. He has been a wonderful, caring husband. I am a lucky girl.

I have this theory about first kisses, that you can tell a lot about how a boy will treat you by how he kisses you. Whether or not he with respect you, if he'll be compassionate and caring, or if he is just out to satisfy his own desires. I have limited experience with this, one boy who was just interested in what he wanted, and then Curtis who's first kiss was beautiful, thoughtful and gentle. What a difference. I could tell he was a keeper just by that first kiss. Can anyone else back up this theory?

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