Monday, November 1, 2010

The Liberation Procedure

I have very exciting news, life changing news! I found a doctor here in Utah that is doing the Liberation Procedure and I am scheduled for the venogram/angioplasty on Tuesday, November 2nd. Tomorrow!

This procedure is still experimental, but so many people with MS have had amazing results by having angioplasty to open their jugular veins. The theory of CCSVI is that MS, which we have always called an autoimmune disease, is actually caused by improper blood drainage from the brain.

I am so excited to feel better!

I want to write down the symptoms I am having right now, not to complain, just so that I can compare them with how I feel tomorrow, a couple months from now and years down the road.

A big one for me is fatigue. (Exaggerated by feeding a newborn throughout the night.) I tire pretty easily, I am lucky when I have the energy to make dinner when evening comes around.

Brain fog: I feel like a lot of my thoughts/words/names have to get through a maze before they come out of my mouth. Audrey often finishes a sentence for me and at times I have to use several sentences to explain the one word that I can't come up with.

Light numbness: Usually only in my pinky or pinky toes, it is just a weird/not quite right feeling, not really numb. I have a feeling that this could eventually spread to my ring finger, then my middle until my whole hand feels that way. This feeling is only at times, not always.

I have ringing in my ears quite frequently. If I am lying in bed and everything is quiet, there is always a constant light buzzing sound. I think this points to reflux or impaired blood drainage from my brain.

Optic Neuritis: My eye was mostly better until the last couple weeks of pregnancy, but now it is as bad as ever, with mild aching behind it.

Headaches: They are mild, but last for hours when I have them.

Achy, tingly shoulders and upper back. My whole body yearns for my shoulders to be massaged. They are always so tight.

For having MS, these symptoms are nothing. I can't image what my aunt has dealt with all these years. The procedure is giving me hope of not having to find out for myself.

I will let you all know how I feel tomorrow after I am liberated. Wahoo!!!


Ginamarie said...

Good luck. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the procedure does everything that you are hoping!

April said...

ok wait!!! So did you get the MRI that confirmed your jugular veins had blockage?

Oh and congrats on the beautiful baby and birth!

So what is going on? Explain more? You didn't write about anything in your MS notes blog. I am super curious. How much is this going to cost? Please write me and tell me how you got to this point so fast!

April said...

thanks for responding. I am really interested in how you found Dr. Hatch and Black- and have they done the procedure before on MS patients?

I am sorry about your little baby being fussy- have you gone to the chiropracter yet? That worked wonders on my little boy- he slept 8 hours that night after we went- there is an amazing chiropractor here in Ogden.

What veins were blocked? I am just super curious how you suddenly found a doctor here in Utah to do it? Is he trained? It is almost midnight, I have been up all night watching videos and testimonials and I have cried off and on- I am so interested and desperate to feel normal again. Write all you can about your journey.