Monday, February 23, 2009

On the Move...

So the day approaches...
We are packing here and there and trying to prepare the best we can for this coming Saturday: Moving Day!

I don't think I've given the final update on our housing situation. We chose what Audrey calls the big blue house. It is just west of the freeway in American Fork. You drive past fields and horses to get there, so it feels a little bit out in the country with the convenience of still being pretty close to everything.

The house has 5 bedrooms (one will be dedicated just to my crafting!), three bathrooms, a front living room and a large great room. The backyard is fully fenced with a nice deck with built in benches and a little "fish pond" with two fountains flowing into it, which I will need to somehow make child safe. Behind our house is just woods (with several fruit trees) and a little wetland stream and to the side is a nice big park with a playground. The garage is extra deep and I look forward to keeping my bike and trailer together so I can go for a ride anytime I want.

We are really excited. We close on our current house on March 3rd and should close on this new house March 4th. All our stuff will stay in the truck for most of a week until we can move in. We are lucky to have mom here in Lehi so we can mooch off her. =)

We have the inspection today and I will try to take some pictures and share them.

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Given Family said...

Hope the move goes well and congratulations. Your house sounds amazing. YOu have to post pictures once you are moved in and give us a tour of the house :)