Thursday, October 2, 2008

This is embarrassing...

I'm not sure why I am admitting to this, but I have had a dirty little secret for a microwave. I can't remember the last time I cleaned it. I kept putting it off and always hoped guests wouldn't need to use it.

So here is the big reveal!


I fully admit it...DISGUSTING!


No I did not get a new microwave...I got a hand steamer. With all this cleaning and getting the house ready I asked Curtis if I could get one. I knew it would help get the little grimy places that are hard to reach, like the window tracks and I knew it would make cleaning a little more exciting to have a new fun tool to do it with. So after I cleaned the microwave I went on to clean the fridge (not as gross to start out with, I promise), the oven, cabinets, the walls and anything else I could reach from that same plug.
The down side is that it is kind of noisy and Audrey spent the whole time yelling at me to stop so she could hear her show. (The only way I can get a task done is to distract her with TV. She's been watching a little too much recently.) If anyone wants to try out my new toy they are welcome to clean any part of my house they please!

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