Thursday, March 17, 2011

Claire is 6 Months!

I can't believe Claire is already half a year old. What a joy she is. It took a little time to figure out that she likes things just her way, right at the right time. If you know that and do that, she is the sweetest baby ever.

She is still quite skinny. Even with constant supplementing, she went down two percentile points and is now in the 2nd percentile for weight. The doctor said to keep supplementing and hold off on the solid foods since they don't have as much nutrients in them as milk. He's not too worried because she meets all the other milestones. She is a wiggle worm and though she's not good at directing her movement to get a specific toy, she is all over, rolling and pushing with her feet. She loves sucking on pickles and munching on Mum Mums.

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Julie Jardine said...

Awe... she is so cute!