Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More of the Kids...

Pic at Dino Museum ($2 Tuesdays in August)

I know I have been a little "selfish" with my blogging, talking mostly about me and the dietary changes I have been making, so I need to post about my cute kids.

Audrey got into the preschool they have at the elementary school. She gets to ride the bus every day and loves it! Her friend Colton goes with her and if he is not on the bus she will not get on and instead cry for him. I guess she is a little scared to do it alone.

Nathan is talking more. He can repeat a lot of the things we say and even says I love you, but more like: I wuh woo! Everything he says is so sing songy. It is really cute. If you tell him to do something he'll say Why? and then after you tell him he will say Oh!. Whenever he finds a headband or necklace laying around, he puts it on and says, "Tute!" (cute) or "Diddy!" (pretty). We all get a kick out of that.

I have been feeling great. My energy has increased, I am thinking clearer, finishing projects and I can actually think ahead to prepare a tasty dehydrator snack. I am working on cinnamon almonds right now. Raw foods can taste good! Speaking of tasting good, I am still loving my green smoothies and am starting to experiment with them more. Today I put in a cucumber, 2 celery stalks, spinach, a banana and a handful of green grapes. Mmmm! If you don't believe me come on over and I'll make you one! =) It is exciting to be feeling so good.

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Anonymous said...

You do have darling kids! It was so fun to watch them at the family party on Sunday. I'm really happy to hear that you are feeling good! My smoothie this morning was spinach and cantaloupe along with the regular stuff and it was tasty! It's fun to experiment with so many healthy ingredients isn't it? =o)