Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take a look at what I've been doing!

I have started my own little business! I make nursing covers, binky clips, grab and go bags and headbands. I love finding bargains, so when I see something I love that is way over priced I always find a way to get a deal, even if it means I make it myself. I love these products so much I wanted others to be able to benefit from my thrifty shopping and crafty skills. Curtis has been helping me with the websites. Here they are:
They link back and forth to each other, so it's easy to view both.
Feel free to tell anyone about my websites. I enjoy what I am doing. Wish me luck!


Freebairn Family said...

Good for you! They all look so great! Have you thought about opening an etsy shop? I bet they'd sell really well there! You are such a crafty talented girl!

Shell said...

Your stuff looks great. If all my kids weren't big now, I would get some for sure.

Nik said...

Hey, you two. Curtis, I don't know if you even remember me, but I saw you at the reunion and I wanted to say "hello!" I couldn't make it over to you for various reasons, and saw you two leave. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with you. We have lots in common!