Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nathan is 3!

This little boy is now 3!
(Oh wait, he's not little, he's big! and he won't let you say it any other way!)

On his actual birthday we used his free pass at Boondocks. He had been looking forward to going for his birthday since we went for Audrey's birthday. He kept asking, "Can we go to Boom Blocks?" He was too little to do most of the free stuff, so we just spent the free coins and got some silly (I mean awesome) little prizes.

When we were searching for images to use in his newly decorated room (images to come) we kept seeing Thomas the Train cakes like these:
and he would say, "I want a cake like that!"

Well, I'm just not that fancy, so he got this instead:

I think it turned out great and he loved it, especially since he got to help decorate it.

We forgot to give him a gift on his birthday, so one Saturday we let him open two, a toy gun and a new bedspread, saving two for the family party on Sunday. We forgot them at home. Good thing he didn't seem to notice (we are such good parents, ha, ha). Luckily grandma got him footsies and Alaura gave him some toy cars.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

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